Welcome to MIN.NG

MIN.ng offers a diverse and growing array of categories of products ranging from locally-made furniture, clothing, shoes, food items, and machinery, to raw materials such as leather, fabric, and soon-to-beadded eco-friendly household items and gifts. The list is not endless, but we see no limit to what we can offer.

The real story of today’s vibrant Nigerian economy will soon be witnessed through the diversity of its products.

We love and respect our globally-known business leaders and our great corporations but so much of what Nigeria is truly about today still needs to be discovered, and at MIN. ng we believe that the best way to tell the story of innovation, invention, and the power of a new generation of entrepreneurs is to celebrate what we are making. Every sale of every Nigerian-made product is a tangible step toward a re-definition of our national identity and the power of a Nigeria that sees itself at the forefront of a dynamic, emerging Africa.

Min.ng was inspired by the great potential of Nigerian-owned businesses who should not have to struggle with the challenges of market access, low marketing budgets, and individual promotions. We believe by bringing together great products made locally under one platform, we would be able promote not only products but a greater Made in Nigeria movement.

Discover MIN.NG's Journey

June 2016
Gets launched as online marketplace by MinCommerce Solutions LTD in Nigeria
September 2016
Featured on financial times London's investing in Nigeria report
Jan 2017
Nominated as startup of the year and most innovative online service provider